South Carolina’s Greenville News has a report on U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and his vision for the Republican Party.

Raju Chebium reports:

Since Democrats took control of Congress and the White House in January, the South Carolina Republican has sharpened his message of economic fundamentalism and is trying to get more Republicans to oppose what he calls the big-spending, big-government Democratic agenda.

But in the process he’s irked the moderate faction of the GOP, which accuses him of putting his ideology ahead of practicality and argues that the conservative wing has hijacked the party and tarnished its image.

“I see my role as reminding the American people of the principles that work, that made our country prosperous and successful — the principles of limited government, free markets and individual freedom,” DeMint told Gannett Washington Bureau in a recent interview.

Nothing about DeMint’s cute little soundbite is true. Time for a reality check, yes?

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From Liberty Counsel:

Today, Liberty Counsel is filing a federal lawsuit against the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, alleging that the state policy used by park officials to threaten citation of members of Grace Baptist Church violates their right to freedom of speech. Liberty Counsel represents Pastor Tony Rivers and other church members in the case against the state of North Carolina, Lewis Ledford, Director of the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, and several park officials.

While several members of Grace Baptist Church of Wilson gathered at Fort Macon State Park, playing group games, swimming in the ocean, and having a picnic, they shared about Jesus Christ with some park visitors before leaving. They also offered cold bottled water, consistent with Jesus’ statement in the book of Mark: “For whoever gives you a cup of water in my name, because you belong to Christ, assuredly I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.”

Park Ranger Crocker approached the group and explained that they were not allowed to communicate with others unless they first obtained a permit. Pastor Rivers was given a warning and told that if it continued, they would be cited for a park rule violation.

The park rule cited by the park ranger is Title 15A Section 12B.1105 of the North Carolina Administrative Code, which states: “A person shall not hold any meeting, or exhibitions, perform any ceremony, or make any speech, unless he has a permit.” There is a minimum $30 fee for any such permit. There are no written criteria or time limits for approving permit applications.

Liberty Counsel is affiliated with the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.