Voices from the right: James Richardson

Skepticians.com founder, writer James Richardson

Skepticians.com founder, writer James Richardson

It seems as though every moderate political blog in the world has fallen in love with former RNC manager James Richardson. I’ll tell you a secret: I have, too.

Over at his Skepticians.com, Richardson comes out in favor of adoption rights by gay parents. Queerty.com jumps in on the fray with some solid criticism, though.

But Richardson deserves some props, like the Yglesias Award bestowed by Andrew Sullivan.

Richardson says:

Joining Florida’s dubious ranks are Utah—a state settled largely for the Mormon Church’s non-conventional marriage practices (discontinued in 1890)—who bans unmarried straight or gay couples from adopting or fostering children, and Mississippi—a state with a less than sterling record in upholding the rights of minorities—who has legislation to ban gay couples, but not single gays, from adopting. What is it about gay couples like Frank Gill and his partner that are so toxic to children? Florida’s current listing of “adoptable” children includes 453 Boys, 274 Girls and 39 Sibling Groups – none of which can be adopted by gay men and women. Having the government (i.e. Katrina bunglers) raise the next generation of Americans seems much more preferential than a loving, stable home with, God forbid, two same-sex parents…

Hop over to Richardson’s blog for more.

And… As commenters on Richardson’s blog poured into to trot out the Folsom Street Fair as an argument against adoption by gay parents, Richardson tweeted: “As an argument against gay adoption, people keep pointing to the Folsom Street Fair debacle. Really, you need a better line of defense.” More props.

Oh, and… definitely more props for taking the gay compliments so well (just skip to the bottom of his post, lol). Gotta love the Southern boys in pink shirts!