D.C. is cold, and other capital gayness

I think I liked the 55 degree temperature in Charlotte last week. While I’m freezing my little white butt off in our nation’s capital I’m getting the chance to meet so, so many people face-to-face, who I previously knew only through written text or pictures online.

The National LGBT Bloggers Initiative has brought together folks from almost every corner of the nation, and, yeah, the world, too. Andy from UK Gay News is here; it was great to see him again after meeting him at SC Pride in Columbia. There’s even a blogger from Montreal.

The Center for American Progress Action Fund is hosting all our sessions today and on Sunday.

A bit of sad news… the night before I got to D.C., there was another possible anti-gay hate crime here. I asked InterstateQ reader Juanito during lunch yesterday why the LGBT community here isn’t outraged and pushing the City Council and Police Department to do something. He agrees that there’s way too much apathy.

Lunch today is with the Victory Fund’s International Leadership Summit. Pam Spaulding will moderate a panel (and I think Barney Frank is speaking?). North Carolina’s John Arrowood and Mark Kleinschmidt are at the Victory Fund; can’t wait to catch up with them today.

I’ll try to get photos from my camera and more info later. Until then, stay tuned to TwitterQ.