An (un)holy marriage

Seems as though John McCain isn’t as radical as his evangelical followers.

We know the Religious Right would like nothing more than to strip away any kind of legal recognition or protection for LGBT people and same-sex couples. That’s why we’re seeing anti-LGBT, anti-family marriage amendments that have the possibility of outlawing any and all recognition, however big or small, for gay folks’ families.

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More voices from the right

After Brian’s eloquent post praising the brave equality stands of a couple New York Republicans, I thought it was interesting to read a recent article from The Daily Star (Oneonta, NY).

It seems as though the county manager in Otsego County took steps to exclude legally wedded same-sex couples (recognized in New York) from the county’s insurance plan. Republican county commissioners spoke up.

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I posted yesterday about The Denver Daily News‘ hit piece on gay parents and their kids. Denver’s gayzetteblog.com has done a great job covering the news. GLAAD and other gay groups jumped on it quick too.

From the follow-up article:

Denver psychologist Dr. Vivian Schaefer, who works closely with gay patients and is affiliated with GLBT studies courses at the University of Denver, said the children of her gay clients adjust to society the same way the children of her heterosexual clients do.

“These kids don’t experience anymore difficulty than children raised by their heterosexual counterparts,” said Schaefer, who added that her client-base is about 50 percent gay.

She said she hears the same concerns from her gay clients as she does from her heterosexual clients about their children, including issues like behavior at school and difficulty choosing colleges.

Schaefer said for every study that indicates children of gay parents are more likely to be gay themselves, there is a study to prove the opposite.

Via gayzetteblog.com (Denver) we learn of an absolutely ludicrous, radical right agenda-laden hit piece on LGBT parents and their kids.

Entitled, “Gay parents = gay kids? Study: Kids raised by gay folks more likely to grow up gay,” The Denver Daily News article states:

As many as 21 percent of homosexually parented children become gay themselves, according to several studies recently reviewed and validated by a California psychologist.

The article by Dr. Trayce L. Hansen reviews all available research on homosexually parented children and concludes that children raised by gay parents are between four and 10 times more likely to develop a “non-hetereosexual preference” than other children.

“There are a number of non-genetic mechanisms through which homosexuality could be transmitted from one generation to the next,” Hansen writes in the article entitled, “Pro-Homosexual Researchers Conceal Findings: Children Raised by Openly Homosexual Parents More Likely To Engage in Homosexuality.”

“Those mechanisms include role-modeling, social learning and differential reinforcement, as well as outright encouragement of non-heterosexuality by parents or others,” the article continues.

Anybody with half a brain and even moderately involved in LGBT advocacy should immediately recognize the source of this “study.” No scientific researcher worth half their beans would dare use the highly politicized term “Pro-Homosexual.” The title of this “study” shows bias from the get go.

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Minutes after the Massachusetts Senate voted to repeal a 1913 law that would open same-sex marriage to out-of-state couples, the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow posted an Associated Press article detailing the legislation’s passage.

They changed the headline (and all the words “gay” to “homosexual”) to read: “BREAKING NEWS: Out-of-state homosexual ‘marriages’ on East Coast horizon.”

The original headline read: “Mass. Senate votes to let out-of-state gays marry.”

Talk about flipping out.

Somebody at The AP really needs to jump on the AFA. According to AP guidelines, AP story text cannot be changed and must be printed as is. OneNewsNow has been changing AP text like there’s no tomorrow.

WFMY News 2 (Greensboro) did a wonderful story (video here) on my two good friends and mentors Gary Trowbridge and Frank Benedetti, a couple whose been together for decades. They are looking forward to a legal wedding in California. The state started legal marriages for same-sex couples yesterday at 5 p.m. (PST).

The Rev. Ron Baity of the extremely anti-gay Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem was also interviewed for the story:

Legalizing their union is a prospect deeply troubling to Pastor Ronnie Baity. “The truth of the matter is God says it’s sin, and that should settle it, that should solve the issue once and for all,” said Baity.

He aims to rally other churches behind defining marriage in North Carolina as between one man and one woman. “If we don’t stand up for the values this nation was founded upon, our nation’s going down the tube,” says Baity.


Pastor Baity points out North Carolina does not have an explicit constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. He hopes to change that.

Baity and his church have been involved in the fight against the full recognition of LGBT Americans’ human dignity and civil rights for a while. He was instrumental in helping the Thomasville, N.C. City Council and the Davidson County Board of Commissioners pass resolutions calling for a statewide anti-LGBT, anti-family marriage amendment.

Just a sampling of the hateful bile he spewed at the Thomasville City Council:

The truth of the matter is the Lord Jesus Christ said marriage was between one man and one woman… You can’t make anything else out of that. God had an urban renewal program for Sodom and Gomorrah because they were caught up in that…

Baity was also instrumental in organizing the thousands strong throng of hateful, blind sheep at the N.C. General Assembly in March 2007. Their cries of “Let us vote!” sounded eerily familiar to the audio recorded screams of joy from the blind followers of late-1930s Germany.


Marriage Equality

Marriage equality matters to many readers of InterstateQ I imagine. “Democrats are for LGBT rights, Republicans are against them” seems to be the generally accepted view of American politics, but after listening to the views of the presidential front runners, I can’t help but notice they sound rather similar to one another. That’s not to say they don’t differ in important areas, just that when it comes to legal recognition of gay relationships, they seem equal. Watch for yourself after the jump.

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Get the tissues…


Re: This and that

In Matt’s recent “This and that” post, he touched upon new bill introduced in the Tennessee legislature which immediately reminded me of a post I recently read that The Republic of T. I would offer my own thoughts on the matter, but Terrance does it just fine without me cluttering up his words:

Children do think about these things, and work them out in their minds. A few years ago, one of Parker’s classmates was trying to wrap his mind around the reality that Parker had a Daddy and Papa at home instead of a Mommy and Daddy. Clearly, at first, he couldn’t imagine it any other way. At one point he said to Parker, “Parker, I have a mommy and a daddy.” And Parker answered back, confidently, “Well, I have a daddy and a papa!” That was pretty much the end of it. That child is one of Parker’s best friends, and was almost as excited about Parker getting a little brother as Parker himself was.

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“Democrats Don’t Like Gay People”

Matt said recently that “Republicans don’t like poor people” and after hearing the New Mexico legislative update from HRC, I have a new thought: Democrats don’t like gay people.

Of course I don’t actually believe that all Democrats don’t like gay people.  Heck, many gay people are Democrats!  However, I do wonder if the Democratic party takes the needs of gay and transgender people seriously when making legislative decisions.

In the past months, some Democratic politicians party have:

  • Stripped gender identity from the in the US Congress
  • Touted, and then tabled, the Matthew Shepard Act would which append sexual orientation and gender identity to existing hate crimes legislation
  • Refused to back full equality in their bids for President

And that’s at the national level.  Recently, I talked (with mixed emotion) about the pending domestic partnership legislation in New Mexico.  Today, I read that despite “strong support for this bill” a Democrat controlled Senate tabled the legislation in committee.

As much as President Bush and other prominent Republican leaders may have made deriding gay people and their relationships a national agenda, the Democratic party has done little, if anything, when it comes to policy to change that course.

It was Republicans that helped to vote ENDA out of committee over Democratic objections and it was Republicans such as Teresa Sayward who spoke passionately and bravely for equality in New York state.

I’m not calling myself a Republican, but I’m not unflinchingly backing the Democratic agenda either.  When you take a look at action, they’re not doing much for the queer community.

And yes, I just tagged the actions of a Democrat controlled senate “Anti-Gay Politicians Watch” … If you are a Democrat, contact your local Democratic officials, the Democrats in New Mexico, the major Democratic presidential candidates, and the DNC.  Let them know that you want to be allies together.

(Photo of supporters from HRC Backstory)