All is not calm on the American Family Association front. Their “news” website,, published a “story” (read: horrible piece of journalism) on the issue of comprehensive or abstinence-only sex education in North Carolina.

While the writer, Charlie Butts, gives plenty of speaking time for the N.C. Policy Research Council’s Jere Royall (nice guy, by the way) to spout out some talking points, Butts fails to mention why the story is even a story: The N.C. General Assembly is currently hearing a bill called the Healthy Youth Act. It has already passed through some preliminary committee hearings. If it becomes law it will replace North Carolina’s abstinence-only education with abstinence-based comprehensive sex education.

But, the real story of the piece lies in the comments. It seems all the blind sheep at AFA’s propaganda machine aren’t all blind:

Preaching abstinence is not education, it is preaching. And it does not work. All the information that is available needs to be supplied to children. The role of the parent and educator is to supply information and teach them to make good decisions, not to withhold information.

More sticking their heads in the sand as states with abstinence only educations have the highest teen pregnancy rates.

In Gaston County, North Carolina, 500 teens became pregnant 2007. Gaston County students are only exposed to abstinence education, and contraception options are not added to the curriculum. Even the Gaston County Health Director, Colleen Bridger, admits that without better sex education, teen pregnancy numbers in the county will not drop. Bridger goes on to say: “Counties in North Carolina that teach comprehensive sex education have lower teen pregnancy rates than Gaston County. Research shows abstinence-only education doesn’t work, and I think it is time for Gaston County to try what the research shows works.”

Oddly enough, 9 out of the top 10 states with the highest teen pregnancy rates were red states which leaned heavily on abstinance-only education. They also were southern “Bible-belt” states.

There’s really no way to know if these are conservative folks making comments or progressive folks. I’m just suprised they haven’t been censored away yet.

Republican City Councilman Philip Isley (top right) spoke out against a supposed private male sex club. Surprise, surprise: Anti-gay connections abound.

Republican City Councilman Philip Isley (top right) spoke out against a supposed private male sex club. Surprise, surprise: Anti-gay connections abound.

Concerns over non-profit management and regulation in North Carolina are being raised after a supposed “sex club” for men registered as a non-profit. The North Carolina Secretary of State has jumped into the fray.

Secretary Elaine Marshall says the state has no power to regulate non-profits, unless they receive state grants or other monies, and that non-profits like schools and churches are exempt from filing reports with the State Department.

Marshall told local news station WRAL that the group “did what is required by law — organizers filled out the paperwork and sent it in.”

“We at the Secretary of State’s Office register, we don’t regulate,” Marshall told the news station. “If somebody’s intent is to scam, the only thing this does is, maybe, give them a nice name they can select.”

The Secretary said “that eventually civil and criminal law would have caught up with the club anyway,” according to WRAL.

The group under scrutiny, the “Marketing and Networking Fellowship Group,” managed to “fly under the radar” long enough to almost open shop this October.

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