Red meat for the Right on Valentine’s Day

There’s no doubt quite a few far-right, anti-LGBT activists’ (you know, the kind that always compares homosexuality and gay marriage to incest, bestiality or pedophilia) hearts skipped a beat on this Valentine’s Day when they saw the headline…

I would have loved to have seen their disappointed faces when the story turned out to be everything but their wildest oppression-crazed dream.

The story from NPR is actually quite moving — the tale of two people who fell madly, deeply in love despite the obstacles in their path, a love that lasted a lifetime. It’s very sweet.


Not all newspapers going bust

eldiariolaprensaNPR’s “On the Media” interviewed the editor of El Diario La Prensa, a New York City-based Hispanic and Latino community newspaper.

It seems not all papers are going under. Editor Alberto Vourvoulias says his paper has been among the fastest growing newspapers in the past two of three years.

A lot of great insights in the interview. Vourvoulias says ethnic newspapers are doing a lot of great things and that the English-language press isn’t covering ethnic communities as well as it should.

Take a listen.

Jim Burroway of BoxTurtleBulletin.com took the time to transcribe an NPR conversation with U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) yesterday.

His appearance coincided with the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. On the show, Lewis discussed his experiences in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

In case you are unaware (shame if you are), Lewis chaired the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee from 1963 to 1966 and participated in the famous Freedom Rides through the South. To this day he bears the marks of a bloody attack on the riders in Montgomery in 1961.

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