Jasmyne Cannick wasn’t content blasting the white gays after Prop. 8. The lesbian, African-American blogger and activist, has spoken again.

Is it any surprise she’s again pointing fingers and speaking outrageously?

Instead of denouncing Obama’s choice to invite Warren, gays should be hailing it, as it shows a continued effort on Obama’s behalf to reach across the aisle in an effort to bring everyone to the table, the very thing that the gay leadership hasn’t even made an effort to learn how do post Prop. 8.

Seriously, I don’t understand why she’s so divisive. Besides the fact she’s blatantly wrong about the LGBT community and its lessons learned after Prop. 8 (I’ve been in many conversations about this issue since Prop. 8), I just don’t understand how she, of all people, can advocate “bringing everyone to the table” when that includes sitting down with people who deny your existence, work against your civil rights and compare your love to pedophilia and incest.

Jasmyne, would you sit down with white racists who wanted to take away your civil rights as an African-American? No? Guess what: I don’t want to sit down with homophobes who want to take away my rights, either.

Oh, Jasmyne… Are you trying to score brownie points with Rick Warren? Newsflash: He doesn’t like you or lesbianism either. He doesn’t care that you’re black: All he’ll ever see is your lady-lovin’.

Oh, and one more point:

Criticizing the first Black president before he even takes the oath of office for doing something that white gays themselves haven’t been able to do, bring everyone to the table, isn’t going to win them any fans in the Black community.


As politically incorrect as this is going sound, I feel it needs to be said. The white gay community needs to go somewhere and just STFU already and let Obama get into office.

Jasmyne, that’s the most racist thing I’ve heard. Obama can’t be criticized just because he’s “the first Black president” and because he hasn’t taken office yet? Sounds like someone has an Obama-Messiah complex. I love Obama. I voted for Obama. I think Obama will be best to deliver LGBT equality, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. Thank God we live in America and can actually criticize our leaders, but, oh, I forgot, The Great and Mighty Cannick says we shouldn’t do that because he’s black.

I think I’ve lost all respect for Jasmyne Cannick; to think I actually used to defend her opinion among my friends and collegues almost sickens me.

It’s pretty clear that Jasmyne Cannick is good at only one thing: She exists to divide and conquer — to pit one minority against another. All this complaining and acrimonious bellyaching and, yet, not one constructive, positive attempt to bridge the gaps. Yes, there are problems between the white LGBT community and black community (of all sexual orientations), but Cannick’s self-righteous, racist rants aren’t making any headway in bridging those gaps. She’s doing quite the opposite actually: She’s tearing down the bridges before they can even be built.

In a highly unscientific, online poll, 85 percent of web users of the anti-gay, conservative “news” website of the American Family Association said they expect Obama “to appoint at least one open homosexual to a Cabinet-level position.” 15 percent do not expect such a decision.

The results of a One New Now poll are really cool: We should take them up on their expectations. Openly gay Secretary of Something? Sounds cool to me.

The results of a One New Now poll are really cool: We should take them up on their expectations. Openly gay Secretary of Something? Sounds cool to me.