Seriously, what is up? Will people never learn?

Back in January 2009 and November 2009, unveiled massive copyright infringement and intellectual property theft by the now-defunct (see update at bottom) OutGayLife network owned by Eric Wood. In that case, Wood had stolen dozens upon dozens of other news organizations’ and bloggers’ content, including from mainstream publications and The Associated Press.

See, we weren’t talking about simple quoting of a bit of an article here or another bit of an article there. No, Wood’s copying and pasting went well beyond the normal “blockquoting” you’ll see credible bloggers do on their sites. Wood was copying articles wholesale from dozens (maybe hundreds?) of websites and news organizations, often without even the tiniest bit or shred of credit (and, hey, forget about a link back to the original story).

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A special follow-up to our Jan. 6, 2009 exclusive, “OutGayLife website network allegedly stealing news content from gay pubs, blogs, mainstream press”

Update: See important update at bottom of post.

After coming under fire for republishing more than 300 Associated Press articles and dozens more from LGBT-focused blogs, news organizations, publications and other media, the network is again raising suspicions of more instances of copyright infringement and intellectual property theft.

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Headlines: At the week’s end

A re-cap of the last week at and around the blogosphere., a website network based in Bloomington and Edina, Minn., was caught red-handed stealing copyrighted content from several LGBT blogs and news publications, as well as from mainstream media outlets and The Associated Press. (Jan. 5-6, reader Paul McNeal contributed two guest pieces. Shift in progress and Inside Look…DADT. (Jan. 6 and 11,

Gay exotic dancer Devon Hunter related his story of an inhospitable Gay Atlanta. (Jan. 6,

Merck is looking to get boy-friendly approval for its Gardasil. (Jan. 7,

Pam’s House Blend goes down. (Jan. 7, Q-Notes)

Gay grant will benefit play documenting 1996 Charlotte culture wars. (Jan. 7, Q-Notes)

Gay media ignores real gay Boy Scout issues. (Jan. 8,

Gay activist takes issue with “anti-gay” Founding Father comments. (Jan. 9,

N.C. fundamentalists’ much ado about nothing. (Jan. 10,

Q-Notes asks reader feedback on gay prisoner’s writings. (Jan. 10, Q-Notes)

Hagan will keynote HRC Carolinas Gala. (Jan. 10, Q-Notes)

Last updated: 01/06/2009 10:48 a.m. EST

Updates: has removed some copyrighted material. Other material, including newly found, copyrighted material, remains live on the website network. Updates are found at the end of the article.

This website network has been allegedly violating copyright laws and infringing upon the intellectual property of several LGBT publications, blogs and mainstream press organizations.

This website network has been allegedly violating copyright laws and infringing upon the intellectual property of several LGBT publications, blogs and mainstream press organizations.

An LGBT website network operating under the banner of is possibly guilty of violating copyright and intellectual property laws for its reposting and republishing of news stories, features, blog posts and articles from LGBT publications, blogs and mainstream press and news organizations.

Based in Edina and Bloomington, Minn., design and SEO company operates the network which owns at least 21 other domains. Each of the almost two dozen other domains point to the same or similar content. Other websites in the network include,, and several localized domain names such as,, and WHOIS information on the domains revealed Eric Wood was the registrant. Contacted by via phone on the morning of Monday, Jan. 5, Wood identified himself as the owner of Moonviper.

Browsing the network’s webpages, found at least 17 separate cases of possible infringement on the copyrights of LGBT publications, blogs and mainstream publications. The possibly illegally posted material included at least seven articles from the Asheville, N.C.-based gay newspaper Stereotypd (formerly, Out in Asheville) and its gay news blog.

Other instances of possible copyright infringement included republished content from The Advocate, the nation’s premier LGBT news-magazine; an op-ed from the blog of former Washington Blade editor Chris Crain; a blog post by The Atlantic‘s Andrew Sullivan; a blog post from New America Media, a coalition of over 2,000 ethnic news organizations; and several blog posts from, a premier LGBT blog researching the anti-gay and ex-gay right.

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