Headlines: At the week’s end

A re-cap of the last week at InterstateQ.com and around the blogosphere.

Royal Queen
Prince Harry’s antics continue to raise eyebrows, being called racist one day and enlightened the next. Either way, it’s hot.

And the winner is…
On Tuesday, I urged you to vote your conscience for Best LGBT Blog in this year’s Weblog Awards. While I contribute to both Bilerico.com and PamsHouseBlend.com, and rooted for them the whole time, Towleroad shone through as the winner. Congrats!

Campus crusading
A Campus Crusade group wants to work with a campus LGBT group on HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness. I still can’t figure out how that’s going to work out.

‘Ex-gay’ lies
Exodus International’s Randy Thomas continues the legacy of the group’s long-standing disingenuousness, claiming no one is ever forced into “ex-gay” therapies. The stories from the long list of gay youth victimized by such therapies call such claims into question.

A model for the nation
Florida LGBT groups are teaming up in a united coalition to fight regional and statewide threats to equality. On Wednesday, I said such a coalition could serve as a model for countless regions around the nation, as well as our national LGBT community.

Secretary of the Gay
A Boston, Mass.-based grassroots group wants a “Secretary of GLBT Affairs.” The U.S. Department of Queerdom will have fabulous office furniture and impeccable interior design for sure.

Lavender Folder
A Charlotte talk show host took shots at several North Carolina and Charlotte LGBT organizations in his Jan. 15 broadcast. Audio included.


Group wants Secy of LGBT affairs?

Equal Rep founder Paul Sousa

Equal Rep founder Paul Sousa

A Boston-based grassroots group, Equal Rep, is pushing a so-called “national action” to urge Barack Obama to creat a new post for “Secretary of GLBT Affairs.”

“We are the only minority group to have outright discriminatory laws against us. We can’t marry in 48 states, if we join the military we are required to lie or hide our sexual orientation lest we be discharged, and we are denied all federal recognition that we even exist just to name a few laws. If ever there was a critical need for a new Cabinet position, this is it.” said Equal Rep founder, Paul Sousa. “And on top of that, GLBT Americans are the only minority group to have never been appointed to the Presidential Cabinet in the history of the United States. We’re asking President Obama to give this community the legal and political attention it requires and the representation it deserves.”

Equal Rep says they were responsible for a national campaign to name an openly gay man to the Secretary of the Treasury position: “Equal Rep recently organized a nation-wide campaign to urge President-elect Obama to appoint Fred Hochberg as Commerce Secretary. That campaign was Equal Rep’s first victory. Although not appointed to Commerce Secretary, Hochberg was tapped to become Chair of the Export-Import Bank and the info of his mere vetting for such position was made public by the Obama transition team after five days of the campaign.”

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