Leadership and presence

Queer Lounge, the hotspot for LGBT film gurus during the annual Sundance Festival in Park City, Utah, says it will return to the city and have a presence during the event.

“It’s more important for us to be in Utah. It’s more important for us because of the passage of Prop 8 in California,” said Ellen Huang, Queer Lounge founder and program director. “There were actually a number of organizations looking to us to take the lead.”

A boycott of the event would certainly create a noticeable absence. But being there, for the right reasons, represents good leadership. Instead of hiding, Huang and her colleagues will be out and proud. Perhaps that will do more for moving us forward.

Or, it could be that the gay Hollywood types just don’t want to give up a party.

Either way, being there says, “We aren’t defeated. We aren’t retreating. We are who we are and we will survive.”