Anti-gay marriage forces set sights on NC

nctargetmarriageI knew it wouldn’t be long. North Carolina’s the only Southern state without an anti-gay, anti-family constitutional amendment on marriage. We’re a sitting duck; a big glaring hole in the religious right’s sea of hate and control… Just as in the image to the right, from the NC4Marriage website (PDF).

The anti-gay marriage movement in North Carolina is strengthening. Two years after their first rally, the Winston-Salem-based Return America will return to Raleigh on March 3, 2009, for a thousands-strong rally at the N.C. Legislative Building:

A coalition of anti-LGBT, fundamentalist churches has announced it will hold a rally at the North Carolina Legislative building in support of “traditional marriage.”

On March 3, churches across the state will bring busloads of rally participants to Halifax Mall, the green park behind the building where state legislators meet daily for legislative work. The rally, expected to draw thousands, is being organized by the Winston-Salem-based Return America. Berean Baptist Church pastor Ron Baity is the organizer.

The Christian Action League and NC4Marriage are supporting the rally. “Activist judges in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California have overturned their state marriage laws because they only allowed marriage between a man and a woman. These judges have declared traditional marriage unconstitutional and ushered in same-sex ‘marriage,’ overriding the people’s wishes,” Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of NC4Marriage, said on the website of the Christian Action League. “This type of judicial activism could be coming to a court in North Carolina very soon.”

A similar rally was held in Raleigh in two years ago on March 6, 2007. Thousands attended.

Speakers at this year’s rally include anti-gay activists lawyer David Gibbs, III and WallBuilders ministry founder David Barton.

Just two Sundays before the rally, the newly organized NC4Marriage will hold “Marriage Sunday,” urging pastors to teach on “traditional marriage,” homosexuality and introduce their congregants to NC4Marriage and the constitutional amendment fight.

The good news is that EqualityNC will follow soon after the anti-gay rally with their own day of action:

On Tuesday, March 24th, LGBT North Carolinians and allies will gather at the capitol to be heard on the issues that matter to us. A lobby day institute, meetings with state lawmakers, caucusing opportunities with other activists and inspiring speeches from legislators and supporters will all be part of the 2009 Equality North Carolina Day of Action! This is an opportunity for individuals from across the state to come together and educate legislators on the issues that matter to us and our families: from ensuring that our kids are safe at school and being taught factual health information in class to keeping discrimination out of our state’s constitution and employment policies.

So mark your calendar now for March 24th, and let us know you will be standing with us on the Day of Action by registering!