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Did anybody else catch Mike Huckabee on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show last night? The fabulous (and fellow North Carolinian) Pam Spaulding has a partial transcript and video.

Lots of great items to discuss, and as Pam says, “Jon Stewart asked serious questions any hard-hitting progressive journalist or political commentator with a talk show is perfectly capable of asking. He made Huckabee explain his positions on LGBT rights and connects it to the messages in his new book about the merits of social conservatism that he’s hawking. That’s on-point and newsworthy journalism — and Stewart certainly found and made the topic interesting.”

The one thing that seemed to stick out to me was this exchange:

Stewart: …Why? It would just be redefining a word. It feels like semantics is cold comfort when it comes to humanity…

Huckabee: Words do matter. Definitions matter. We have to be very thoughtful and careful…

Honestly, I find it deplorable that any person would defend the “value” of a word over the value of human equality and dignity. Stewart gets it. He knows this “issue” is really about taking care of our families and stepping up as responsible citizens who eagerly want to be a part of this nation and contribute to its greatness. It seems so un-conservative to deny equal playing field to people who really want to make America a better place.

Other great moments from Stewart:

“I think it’s a travesty that people have forced someone who is gay to have to ‘make their case’ that they deserve the same basic rights.”

…”I’ll tell you this: Religion is far more of a choice than homosexuality. And the protections that we have for religion? We protect religion — and talk about a lifestyle choice — that is absolutely a choice. Gay people don’t choose to be gay. At what age did you choose not to be gay?”

I’ve thought a lot about marriage equality in the past few days, especially after a great panel discussion up at the National LGBT Blogger Initiative in D.C. last weekend. Thoughts are a-brewin’ and something will be coming down the line sooner or later. Among my first suggestions: National Movement. That’s something we don’t have, but it is something we need. I guarantee you our opponents have one. But more on all that later.

Jon Stewart, thanks. Huckabee, let’s help you find something better than a “word” to defend on national TV.