An interesting Twitter convo:

Demre: RT @proudamericans Obama is governing like a dictator and is purposely destroying this country! Please RT if you agree… #tcot

interstateq: @proudamericans Just curious: y’all are just kidding, right? If not, I’ll be on the lookout for stray marbles.

proudamericans: @interstateq kidding about what

interstateq: @proudamericans Your Obama ruling like a dictator comment.

proudamericans: @interstateq When a President passes more & more by executive order to get his agenda passed & not going through Congress – thats dictator!

interstateq: @proudamericans Did you make same claims against Bush? If not why all the outrage now? This is childs play compared to Bush’s true *abuses*

proudamericans: @interstateq I can tell you are a zombie brainwashed by the liberal media go ahead and believe what you want. Bush did not govern like this

It’s so nice to know our compassionately conservative friends answer true, honest and civil debate (along with completely valid questions) with ad hominem attacks. Wait. I thought only liberals did that. I’m confused.

A few reminders: The Constitution in Crisis, Bush v. Constitution,  Exposing Bush’s historic abuses of power

And none of that even adds up to being the tiniest bit of a tip of the iceberg. Obama, the dictator? That notion is just about as crazy (and, yes, I mean crazy as in clinically delusional) as Liberty Counsel’s claims that Obama is planning to ‘subvert’ the Constitution.

Neo-cons are weird sort of creature. People with Alzheimer’s have better memory function than these folks.

P.S. — There’s no such thing as “The Liberal Media.” I highly recommend Glenn Greenwald’s excellent piece: “Octavia Nasr and what The Liberal Media allows.”

P.P.S. — Again, I’ll repeat: “I’m telling you: The right wing agenda is evil, insidious and pernicious. Nothing more. Nothing less. (Although the words “sick” and “twisted” come to mind, too.)”


Charlotte O’s social media conference

You know the media world has definitively changed when the local daily newspaper announces its hosting a social media conference.

The Charlotte Observer will host their day-long conference on Jan. 23 at Queens University:

Throughout the day, you’ll hear from some of the most forward-thinking social media gurus in the region, including Jeff Elder, Lisa Hoffman, Crystal Dempsey, Scott Hepburn and Jason Silverstein. Observer Editor Rick Thames will deliver the keynote address. Capping it all off will be a panel discussion on “The Next Hot Thing in Social Networking.”

The event is only $30, but there are only 200 spaces open. If you want to go, you’d better register quick. Get more info and register at

Along with following election results on county boards of election sites, news sites and TV, I’d also been following updates via twitter yesterday and through today. It got a little interesting this morn.

It seems I “butted in” to what others thought might have been a private conversation. The problem? They were chatting on twitter. Not exactly a place for a private chat, you know.

The complete back story and run-down after the jump…

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Levi’s Playgirl spread

A short, but hilarious twitter convo to help take your mind off whatever political mayhem in which you currently find yourself overwhelmed:

interstateq Ooo goodie: Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Levi Johnston is hot?

KipEsquire @interstateq Perhaps, but only in a “dumb submissive houseboy” sense. (Indeed, houseboy is probably asking too much – poolboy maybe.)

dmcrawford @interstateq Stay away Matt. Levi will be mine. though you will be invited to the wedding.

interstateq @dmcrawford Maybe it is time to rethink the laws against plural marriages, too. Massachusetts should be game in, oh, 25 years. : ) lol


The Southern Voice reports:

ashton_twitterActor Ashton Kutcher took to Twitter this afternoon to tweet his disgust at people who use “gay” and “fag” as insults.

In typical Twitter style, where capitalization and punctuation are optional, Kutcher wrote: “can we just get clear, calling some one ‘gay’ or ‘fag’ is as derogatory as calling someone a ‘nigger’. U look like an idiot when you do it.”

The statement came in an exchange between Kutcher and another user on the popular social networking site, which allows users to communicate in 140-character bursts to those who choose to follow their Twitter feeds.

I have to say, though, it be much, much better if Kutcher was gay, not just gay-friendly. But I’ll take gay-friendly, I guess. Darn it.

No secrets here: my celebrity crush on Ashton ranks just about as high as the one on Adam Brody (here and here) and Josh Hartnett.