UNC System President Tom Ross spoke to Charlotte’s WFAE in a story posted online today. In it, Ross (pictured right) says elimination of duplicated programs might be key to saving system funds in the face of the state’s $3.7 billion budget shortfall:

But what we want to look for is unnecessary duplication; that is places where there is there’s a duplication of programs, and perhaps that may lead to the elimination of some programs, or it may also lead to better collaboration among programs that could end up being more efficient and more effective. And so we hope that we’ll be able to save some dollars, and I should point out that looking for unnecessary duplication is not a short-term fix for our current budget crisis. This is really more of a long-term analysis that will help us plan for the universities’ futures

I agree. There’s tons of duplication. The system could save hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars by centralizing and consolidating their information technology systems. Why on earth does each separate campus operate on entirely different IT systems for holding student records like health and immunization forms, transcripts and high school records. Consolidating systems like these and eliminating staff at each of the 16 university institutions overseeing these disparate systems seems a no-brainer.

A consolidation of record-keeping systems would also speed up transfer processes for students seeking to shuffle from one campus to another, a process that should never have been as painstakingly difficult and long as it is now.

And, we shouldn’t forget: Stop spending money on ridiculous, unnecessary things like “clickers.”

North Carolina’s favorite conservative columnist, Wilmington’s Mike Adams, brought back some fond memories of my days at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) today.

In his most recent column at TownHall.com, Adams rants and raves in his usual sarcastic, smart-ass-style against UNCG’s Speech and Hearing Center’s courses for transgender people undergoing transition. He brought back one of his trademark digs. Welcome to the return of “UNC-Gomorrah.” Continue reading this post…


O’ Here’s to Wake Forest!

Wake Forest player Jeff Teague reacts when a foul is called against him. Photo Credit: Winston-Salem Journal Lauren Carroll

Wake Forest player Jeff Teague reacts when a foul is called against him. Photo Credit: Winston-Salem Journal Lauren Carroll

I’m not much of a sports guy. I’m sure that isn’t hard to see.

But when it comes to Wake Forest and UNC, I at least take pride in knowing they’re doing well. I had long wanted to attend Wake Forest University, am a member of Wake Forest Baptist Church and Wake Forest is in my hometown of Winston-Salem. And any North Carolinian who says they don’t like UNC really can’t be called a North Carolinian in my opinion.

So, when UNC and Wake Forest actually have to compete against each other in a game, I just wait to the end to choose who I should have been rooting for from the beginning.


The two schools played each other last night in front of what The Winston-Salem Journal says was the largest crowd ever at Winston’s Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum. The final score was 92 to 89. So close, Tar Heels, so close.