I have another idea – re: Man+Sheep at UW

There’s controversy at the University of Washington over an image printed with an anti-gay op-ed decrying marriage for same-sex couples.

The paper published a silhouette of a man and a sheep, purportedly to help illustrate the op-ed author’s “slippery slope” argument.

I have a few ideas for what image they could have published with the opposing, pro-equality op-ed, in order to illustrate how the heterosexuals don’t keep their marriages as sacred as they say and how they’ve done more damage to it than we ever could.

How about the following:

  • A silhouette of a man beating his wife;
  • A silhouette of a father beating his child;
  • A silhouette of a man screwing his clandestine lover while his wife is in the next room;
  • A silhouette of a father raping his daughter;
  • A silhouette of Britney Spears marrying and then shacking up with her 24-hour husband “in sacred matrimony”; or
  • A silhouette of any of the innumerable marriage game and “reality” shows.

Hey, if the right wants to play with stereotypes and straw men arguments, we could do it, too; except that our arguments have more weight because they actually have more truth. No one is attempting to marry a sheep or goat, but plenty of “sacred” heterosexual marriages (and their resulting divorces) are screwing the American family like never before.

Take the log out of your own eye…

P.S. — I’m heading back below the Mason-Dixon this morning, y’all. Charlotte bound at BWI. I can’t wait to get back to some warmth. lol