Misinterpreted: Urban Outfitters

People freaked when they heard Urban Outfitters had pulled their marriage equality T-shirt from the shelves.

Maybe they shouldn’t have:

Photo via Support Shirts

Photo via Support Shirts

Yesterday, Urban Outfitters reached out to us to comment on the situation: “The T-shirt was pulled because it was not selling,” a spokesperson for the company told us. “This is a common practice because sales space is so valuable, especially in this challenging economic climate.” See, the trickle-down effect of the economy? T-shirt sales are suffering, people! “The move was in no way indicative of a political agenda or our personal beliefs. In retrospect we wish that we had held onto it as a show of support.” That said, don’t expect them to balance the situation by returning the shirt to shelves. “We wouldn’t bring back the same T-shirt because it didn’t sell well. But the head merchant is open to finding other products that support gay marriage and carry the same message but will be more popular with our customers.”