Back in March, Q-Notes featured a piece about a new film project in Wilmington, N.C., documenting an 18-year-old murder many have said is a hate crime.

The film project got some mainstream press cred over the holiday break.

From The Wilmington Star News:

A brutal 18-year-old murder drew new attention in 2008.

In February, St. Jude’s Metropolitan Community Church held a memorial service for Talana Quay Kreeger, who had been raped, beaten, disemboweled and left to bleed to death in a scrubby field early in the morning of Feb. 22, 1990, near the intersection of Carolina Beach Road and Shipyard Boulevard. A centerpiece of the program was a preview of “Park View,” a documentary-in-progress by Thomas A. “Tab” Ballis.

Ballis, a licensed clinical social worker in Wilmington, argued that Kreeger’s killing was a hate crime, motivated in part because Kreeger was a lesbian. He and other supporters maintain her death was one of a number of homicides of gays and lesbians during the 1980s in Southeastern North Carolina, targeted for their sexuality.

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State Senator Julia Boseman (D-New Hanover), pictured right, will be speak at the next meeting of the Triad Business & Professional Guild in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Thursday, March 15, 2007. The meeting will be held at the Greensboro-High Point Marriott at the PTI Airport.

From the press release:

Boseman is the only openly gay member of the North Carolina legislature, and represents the state’s ninth Senate district, covering much of New Hanover County. She was first elected to the Senate in 2004, having previously served four years on the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners. Born and raised in New Hanover County, Boseman attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington before going on to North Carolina Central University in 1992 for a law degree.

Boseman was a candidate for re-election in 2006, and defeated her Republican opponent, Al Roseman by an unexpectedly large margin of 11,000 votes. In 2004, Boseman won the seat by a margin of only 885 votes, 50.55% to 49.45%. During the 2005 to 2006 term, Boseman was ranked the 20th most effective senator (of 50), giving her the highest ranking ever for a first-term female senator and the second highest ever for a freshmen member of the legislature according to the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research (NCCPPR).

The dinner meeting begins at 6pm with a cocktail social hour. Dinner is served at 7pm. For more information visit

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Judge rules in NC ‘Day of Truth’ case

A federal judge has ruled that Sampson County, NC, Midway High school student Benjamin Arthurs has the legal right to distribute anti-gay “Day of Truth” materials on the LGBT harassment and school climate awareness day known as the Day of Silence.

Alliance Defense Fund sued the Sampson County School Board on behalf of Arthurs on the basis that if gay students are allowed to pass out materials, then so should Arthurs. “Day of Truth” materials include two handouts, a FAQ on homosexuality and “The Ten Big Myths of Homosexual Behavior” (pdf’s). Both materials include un-scientific and un-factual information concerning LGBT people. Sources for the handouts’ claims are often sited as coming from conservative, right-wing religious groups like the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America and Exodus International.

I wonder… If African-American students had a Black History Month event and some white students wanted to pass out information saying blacks should be slaves, using Scriptural passages which ordain slavery as appropriate… Would a federal judge allow that?

The safety of all students – both mentally and physically – should be ensured at school. Having right-wing religious fanatics go up to other students and tell them they are going to hell and blah, blah, blah certainly isn’t a way to ensure safety.

Past Posts: Day of Truth

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Boseman opponent drops out of race

According to WECT-TV 6 in Wilmington, NC, the Republican challenger to the seat of state Senator Julia Boseman (D-New Hanover), pictured right, has pulled out of the race after being accused of child molestation (YAY! for those “Republican Family Values”).

Wilmington, NC, lawyer Sherman Criner was cleared of the molestation accusations, but it was enough to put a damper on his campaign.

It is not yet clear whether Criner will be replaced by another candidate or if Senator Boseman will run unopposed.

Senator Boseman is North Carolina’s first and only openly gay state legislator. Equality North Carolina and the national Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund have both offered major support in her campaigns for office. Senator Boseman first took office in 2004.

You can learn more about Senator Boseman and her re-election campaign at


NC group pushes for marriage ban

A conservative North Carolina group is pushing for a state constitutional amendment which would ban marriage rights or other similar relationship statuses for same-sex couples.

According to a June 8, 2006 article I just found via WWAY NewsChannel 3 in Wilmington, NC, the group Cape Fear Act Now is working to lobby the North Carolina Senate on the state marriage ban.

I guess they don’t know we already have a ban in North Carolina… It is called the Defense of Marriage Act.

According to the article:

Will Knecht with Cape Fear Act Now says a gay marriage ban in the State constitution would protect what he calls “traditional marriage” well into the time his two-year-old daughter is an adult.

But just one day after a similar bill fails in the US Senate he says the State bill is stalling in committee for the third year.

“The leadership in the Senate and House don’t want it on the floor for open debate. They recognize that the bill is extremely popular state-wide with the citizens of North Carolina. For the leadership it’s not an issue that bodes well for them,” Knecht said.

Knecht believes if the bill is allowed to come up for a vote it would pass in North Carolina. He points to 20 other states where similar measures have gone through.

“Here’s a bill that obviously on one side or another stirs the passions of the people of North Carolina. And we do not feel it’s right that the will of the people is not allowed to be spoken,” he said.

In the end he says he just wants to see an up or down vote on the measure, even if that means his side may lose.

“This issue as important as it is stays wrapped up under cloak under dagger never to see the light of day. And that’s not America.”

North Carolina does not need an amendment to do what these conservative, “protecters of tradition” want done. Our statutory Defense of Marriage Act prevents marriages of same-sex couples from being recognized in this state. Does anybody really think that our conservative-leaning North Carolina Supreme Court is going to overturn our state’s DOMA? I don’t think so.

In regard to same-sex marriages from other states, that one isn’t an issue either. The United States already has a national DOMA and its challenge would be a federal one. It is not going to be easy for another state to push their marriage laws on any other. An amendment is just not needed and the only reason people are pushing is becuase of an election year. Why are we using discrimination to further our own political gains?

Thank God the North Carolina General Assembly members are smart enough not to undertake work on such a horrible measure. Discrimination doesn’t belong in our Constitution. I guess some people have yet to realize this. At least our elected officials do. The marriage amendment will NOT pass in the Senate, at least, this session. That is a guarantee I have heard over and over from state Senators.

These conservative group would be better off spending their time addressing some of their other issues. This one is dead in the water.

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), a group known for defending anti-gay stances and positions, has filed a federal civil rights suit against Midway High School and the Sampson County School Board (near Wilmington, NC).

According to an Associated Press article of News and a press release from the ADF, the ADF claims that the administrators at Midway High School prevented a student from handing out anti-gay literature in conjunction with the Day of Truth, which was held on the day following the Day of Silence. The Day of Truth is sponsored by the Alliance Defense Fund and the group had urged students to take the material to school and speak the “truth” about the “evils” of homosexuality.

According to the AP article:

Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund said students at Midway High School were allowed to participate in the April 26 Day of Silence, an event promoted by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network.

The group said student Benjamin Arthurs was refused permission to wear a Day of Truth shirt on the following day and distribute cards presenting a Christian viewpoint on homosexuality during non-instructional time. He was suspended this week for ignoring the warning.

The county school superintendent said the student was allowed to wear his shirt but was told he couldn’t pass out leaflets.

“School officials shouldn’t be treating religious students any differently than they treat other students,” David Cortman, an attorney with the group, said in a statement.

According to the lawsuit, Sampson County Board of Education Superintendent Stewart Hobbs said Arthurs would be “pushing his religion on others” and “religion is not allowed in school.”

Hobbs said in a telephone interview that the student was given in-school suspension for insubordination after disobeying the principal about the leaflets, but that the student’s mother decided to take out-of-school suspension.

“He chose to pass out the fliers,” Hobbs said.

The suit, filed in federal court in Wilmington, names the Sampson County Board of Education, Hobbs, and Midway principal Gaynor Canady as defendants.

So… was this student treated unfairly? Yeah, probably… especially if those students participating in the Day of Silence were able to pass out their “speaking cards” explaining why they weren’t speaking. Needless to say (as much as I despise the ADF’s “Day of Truth” message), the school administrators really messed up.