New comment features – update

On Saturday, I upgraded InterstateQ.com from WordPress 2.6 to WordPress 2.7. With the new upgrade comes new features. The best is comment reply and comment threading.

The comment templates should now be fully functional. Styling is a bit different from before, since comments are hard-coded and displayed differently after the 2.6-2.7 switch.

New features:

1. Comment replies and threading
You can now reply directly to a comment. To reply to a comment, click “reply” under a person’s comment text. You will be able to write your comment and click submit. Once the comment has processed, you’ll see your comment appear right under the comment you were replying to.

2. Gravatar support
An avatar (small icon photo) will now appear next to each comment. If you don’t have a gravatar, you can set one up at Gravatar.com. Commenters without gravatars will have a random image appear next to their comments.

If you encounter any problems or have questions, leave a comment below or, as always, email me: matt ‘at’ interstateq ‘dot’ com.


InterstateQ permalinks errors solved

Yay! GoDaddy hosting customer service was great. The old InterstateQ.com permalinks errors have been solved.

It used to be that when you left off a “trailing slash” on a single post url, you’d get an error-missing page. No more.

So, when someone accesses a url like www.interstateq.com/archives/3208 they’ll simply be seamlessly redirected to www.interstateq.com/archives/3208/ – fabulous!

The errors were big for folks using iPhones and other services.

Next projects: Upgrading WordPress to 2.7, organizing links & blogroll, cleaning up old posts and… ta da! debuting the *NEW* and improved InterstateQ.com. How’s that for a teaser? More later.